Take Care Tuesday- Family and Books


Take Care Tuesday – self care, including for the Inner Artist.

Since Thursday, most of my time has been dedicated to a trip to my parents’ farm for an early Thanksgiving gathering. Simplification is probably my most used self care skill when preparing for a trip with 3 kids and a dog. Also, making sure that I don’t skip packing my essential oil roll on blends, flower essences, and crystals. These are things that I use on a daily basis for stress relief and general health, and though I am often tempted to leave them so that I don’t have to pack as much, I know that the additional demands of traveling are when I need more of these things rather than less.

The trip to the creek that I mentioned in yesterday’s post was a necessary gift for myself and my peace of mind. Delighting in my children playing with their cousins and the joy and surprise at finding some of my old Barbie clothes were some of the most pleasing moments for me and my Inner Child. Actual face to face adult conversations with my sister and sister-in-law were a rare treat I got to enjoy. With all of my siblings (I have 2 brothers, 2 sisters) minus our west coast brother and their children all in the house and caring for all of them, it can get quite hectic, so actually conversing with someone is not guaranteed. If we didn’t get much of a chat with someone, one or both of us were busy at the time… which is most of the time. Still, I’m so very grateful we are able to gather and get the interaction we do, and that our children do with everyone there.

My brother-in-law is also an artist and we were able to talk about a wide range of topics and artists, including consciousness, the self possessed Genius, Prince, Picasso, Alfonse Mucha, and a variety of artists’ books. We have both read “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Camron, and I told him about a novel that centered around the painting of Pierre Auguste Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party” by Susan Vreeland. He highly suggested two books in the vein of “The Artist’s Way”- “Letters to a Young Artist” (not the one by Julia Cameron, but one that is an actual collection of letters of advise to a specific artist in the late 1700’s? 1800’s?) and “The Art of Fear”. Though I have to check with him on the exact titles and authors, in my search, I did find and purchaseĀ “The Miracle of the Artist’s Date” by Julia Cameron.

My most typical Artist’s Date is to go look at mostly art magazines (and probably buy one) at Barnes and Noble… I’ve been known to walk down to CVS and look at the decorative thrift/antique magazines or walk over to browse the antique/consignment store a few streets over. A recent need to pick up a birthday present for a friend’s child gave me a great opportunity to browse the toys at Barnes and Noble, which seems to me to have really fun, intriguing toys, including creativity kits that teach how to reproduce Master work, embroidery and sewing kits, etc. So many things jump out at me there that would be fun for me. We have some great museums here in Pittsburgh, and I will definitely be taking some solo trips to visit them again, as I have in the past when I only had one child. This book will surely give me some gems to try out and I’m looking forward to it.


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