Mermaid Monday- A New Beginning

When I was doing general week day oracle/tarot readings for my previous blog, I came up with a schedule/themes to keep me on track. It has become apparent to me that a little structure will help me here too, so I’ve done the same. This week, I’ll introduce the themes day by day.

Mermaid Monday is related to my readings when I’d use a Mermaid themed deck. Mermaids are of course associated with water, which represents creativity, healing, cleansing, intuition/psychic ability, and emotions. Posts on Mondays will reflect these topics.

For a few years, due to having 2 babies within 21 months, I put mixed media art a bit on the back burner and focused more on making jewelry, which was more contained. I moved some supplies down to the kitchen and squeezed in some here and there so that I was still available if the little ones needed me. Over time, the supplies started taking over and they were so piled on top of each other that I couldn’t find what I needed easily. Then, my oldest daughter got tall enough to reach up to the kitchen island and even climbed up into my lap on the step stool while I worked. This didn’t work for me. Several months ago, we moved all the supplies back to my attic studio and slowly, I got it put back enough so that I could work up there on my own. There is still plenty of cleaning and organizing left to do, but it’s workable now. Since I can be away from the girls for longer periods of time now, it also gives me some much needed solitude.

Even with all this work to insure that I got more and more art time, I was still being guided to connect with water, to let my True Self shine. Once I committed to focusing fully on mixed media art and creating a body of work first of all to heal myself, and then to create an ecourse so that others can heal themselves, I got the thumbs up that I was truly on the right path. This gave me even more encouragement to commit to working in the studio almost every night, even if it was only for a short period of time. Typically I get at least an hour, and now that I have a lock for the inside of the door, I make much more progress, aka, time healing and nourishing my Soul.

A few days ago, I decided to pull out a canvas that I’d started a very long time ago and then stopped. When I bought Kelly Rae Roberts’s “Taking Flight” about 7 years ago, I was totally inspired by her inner work and her art work. While I jumped in and incorporated so many techniques that she highlighted in the book, I stopped when it came to painting portraits. Though I had tried my hand at drawing and adding color with colored pencil, painting a face wasn’t something I had done or told myself that I really could do. Procrastination, perfectionism, doing the steps over and over in my head before I actually took out the paint (which I bought especially for the occasion); all these things occurred, but no actually using paint to make a portrait.

Maybe it was an increase in positive, self-loving affirmations that finally gave me a wave of courage and motivation to try it. Suddenly, there was a plethora of positive energy ready to go into this painting and I ran with it. As I painted, I kept telling myself that I was learning, and it didn’t have to turn out according to any preconceived expectations. When she started to emerge, I wondered who she was. The white dress, which was originally supposed to be a base for whatever I painted on top of it really told me that this was an angel. Again, I tried something I hadn’t before, and painted her Angel wings. Once I did, a beautiful positive energy radiated from her. That night, as I paced back and forth to get my littlest to sleep, I saw her headdress/halo with long lines radiating out, so the next night, I started the process of recreating that. Though I consider this a work in progress, I probably won’t add much more.

I hope that you enjoy my Angel as much as I did painting her.




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