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The above is my Facebook live class on developing a creative practice and below is a summary of the information. Please let me know your experiences with creative practices, how being creative has helped you and any questions you have regarding the post and/or video. The coupon code I mention for my online workshop/ecourse is 50OFFINTHEFLOW . Enjoy:

*What is a practice? It’s something you come back to over and over, which develops over time. You might have a Yoga asana/Meditation practice, or practice the healing arts, such as Reiki. It is activity that you explore each time you are engaged in it, the depths revealed over and over.


*Who can or should develop a creativity practice? You, of course! Everyone has a Divine Spark within themselves, part of the Great Creator. Your Inner Child is an Artist; Your Inner Artist is a Child. That part of you longs to be nurtured, cared for, and wants your attention. If you do not, then get ready for a tantrum. It may manifest in a chronic bad mood or constantly feeling like you’re “on the naughty step”. Regardless of your upbringing, you are the Parent to your Inner Child and have a responsibility to care for her, and whether you’re 5 or 105, you do have an Inner Child. We are Eternal Beings and that aspect of ourselves lives on.


Even if you don’t think you have innate talent, that’s no reason not to do something creative. You don’t take a yoga class because you’re already flexible- you gain flexibility of body and mind respectively by learning yoga poses and meditation. Likewise, you do not draw only if you already know how to draw or paint only if you know how to paint. You learn the steps that go into these activities and benefit from the journey.


We are unique individuals who are meant to get to know ourselves as we are, not as society tells us to look, act, and feel. Art helps you to do this. We are meant to think our own thoughts rather than only do things by wrote. Acting creatively, boldly, and not by a script allows those individual thoughts to come through more easily.


*Why develop a creativity practice, especially if you already have a meditation/yoga, Reiki or other energy self-healing practice? Because art enters through a path of beauty. It’s doing something that’s “good for you” that you can do because it feels good and not because it’s a discipline that you “have” to do like exercise or eating healthy. It’s enjoyable and motivating to do. It allows you to express subconscious thoughts, feelings, and ideas that may not come up through other practices. The subconscious speaks in images. Words may be misconstrued, but symbols connect deeply to our collective archetypal minds. You are accessing parts of your mind that are different than when you create and follow your inspiration that may not be accessible when you are engaged in other practices. You might need to experience the images of another time and place because of other lifetimes.


It is receptive and active at the same time while producing the “feel good” chemicals in your body and reducing stress hormones. The more you create art, the more you see beauty in the world. You notice details that you might have missed previously- the way a petal curves or the colors that naturally occur together in a flower; the playful way wind moves leaves around on a tree or through the air after they’ve fallen; the drape of fabric in a dress or light shining through a window that illuminates features of objects otherwise gone unnoticed.


*When do you find time to develop your practice? Engage your Inner Parent to look at how you really spend your time. Be self-governing. Are there activities that don’t truly spark your interest that can be eliminated or delegated? How much time do you spend watching TV when “nothing’s on” or scroll through social media when mostly you’re reading complaints and sensational headlines? Those things can be cut down or even cut out, leaving more time for creativity. Are there things you’re doing simply because “no one else will”? Then, it’s time to have a talk with your circle of support, family, and co-workers so that you can delegate some tasks and free up time for you. How much time are you sitting in a parked car waiting to pick up kids or standing at the stove waiting for things to come to a simmer? Though a whole project can’t be completed in that time, you can shift what you’re doing to include doodling, writing a few lines of poetry, or knitting a row on a scarf. Or, if you have a 10 minute window and can run to set something up, a step that has to be completed before diving in, you can select your fabric for a quilt (or clear off your cutting table if you’re like me), get water, paint, and canvas together for a painting, or gather collage papers and get your Mod Podge ready to go. Mixed media is great in this respect because you can do a quick paint/ink wash and then go back to what you’re doing while it dries, or cut out some images while you’re in the school pick up line or after you’ve finished eating on your lunch break. Make designated creative time. Even if you only allot ½ an hour a day, it’s better than nothing. If you realize how important your exercise/meditation practice is, you can start to understand how much you need to work in creativity.


How do you actually implement a creativity practice?


*Acknowledge the importance of your practice– it’s beneficial and healing for your mind, body, and Soul. You feeling good and living joyfully ripples out to those around you and those around them. Your children learn that living juicy is how life is supposed is meant to be. Your friends and colleagues are inspired to find their own creative path. Peace begins at home. Creative thinking leads to positive change throughout life because you are connecting with the Divine rather than with wide-spread mind control efforts of mainstream media and advertising. Resist the “do more to be more” mentality. The ego says that achieving and doing are important, rather than staying present and listening to your heart. Don’t fall for it. Reveal more of yourself to live the best life possible by connecting with your innermost self. Instead of listening to your inner critic, listen to your Soul, which is naturally creative. (If you feel “not creative”, then you are a blocked creative and must invite creativity back in. See Julia Cameron’s “Artist’s Way”)


*Approach your practice playfully, without limits. After all, your Inner Artist is a Child. Dive in, explore, and stay curious. You don’t ever have to show anyone your art. Give yourself permission “to make the worst art possible”. (I got that line from Suzi Blu.) Play is serious work for a child and your Inner Artist is a Child. Your Inner Child is an Artist.


*Consider your art making space sacred; you do not always have to create in a “special alone you space”, but consider a bit of ritual when you create, whether it’s a temporary or permeant space. Make it a sanctuary where you connect with your innermost self. Mine has a lock on the inside and outside. No kids are allowed, though the rest of my life is pretty kid-infused. I even get squirlly when my husband goes in there, though we agreed that some of his things would be stored in the “closet” behind my dance mirrors. 😉


Perhaps set the scene when you create- light some incense and/or a candle (beeswax or carnauba wax are healthier than paraffin). Try some essential oils in a burner- frankincense, myrrh, and cinnamon open the 3rd eye, which helps you see past the illusions of the ego (thoughts that you aren’t good enough or that your work isn’t perfect enough…). Orange boosts the mood and lavender relieves emotional fatigue. All of these are beneficial and supportive of the creative process.


*Notice beauty around you. Take a picture. Make notes. Let it reflect in your art, but most importantly, in the gratitude of your heart.


*Commit to Artist’s Dates– go to a toy store, museum, a book store, or aquarium store and look around, browse, enjoy. Take a walk and collect fallen leaves. Build a box fort. Read for fun in a hammock. Blow bubbles. Do it by yourself without having to concern yourself with another. Let yourself enjoy.


*Commit to self-care– get a massage, take a walk, drink plenty of water, eat plenty of vegetables, do yoga, meditate, journal, write down your dreams, carry/wear crystals, use flower essences, repeat affirmations.

Hopefully everyone caught Mike’s question which led to me describing my personal practice that is much like mindfulness meditation, leading to the state of FLOW. This led me to create my online workshop/ecourse, In the Flow, to help people let go of perfectionism, unleash their Inner Artist, and thoroughly enjoy the creative process. Until November 6th, I’m offering 50% off the instantly downloadable course by using the coupon code 50OFFINTHEFLOW I do hope that you partake of the offer and share the news with friends so we awaken the creativity within as many people as possible and make a better world. Thank you!!


Learn to make these mixed media collage pieces as well as 5 more, the individual techniques, color theory, creativity concepts, escaping the grip of perfectionism, connecting with your Inner Artist (yes, you have one), and so much more! Photos, written description, and videos all go into this extensive online workshop/eCourse. Learn this loose, anything-goes method and have a ton of fun!

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All links are affiliate links, so if you purchase through them, I get a small portion of the sale. When possible, I have used if not the same items I have used or at least the same brand. If not, I stuck to a brand I know or, as with the fabric or some of the scrapbooking papers, I used my best judgement. The links will open in separate tabs, so if you want to compare and contrast or build a cart, you don’t have to go back and forth between this page and Blick art supplies and/or Amazon.

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It seems extra important to celebrate Love right now, so I made a Valentine’s Day card printable to share. Just print it out and either cut and color or leave as is.

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Thank you, and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Mermaid Monday-connecting with creativity, cleansing, emotions, psychic abilities and intuition, and nurturing.

I hope if you celebrate Thanksgiving that you had a wonderful holiday! It got so busy with cooking and gathering here that I decided to take a blog break for a few days. Hopefully, you were into your own thing so much that you didn’t miss me. 😉

img_8574 img_8566

Since “Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life” came out, it was a perfect time to cocoon myself in that world twice over the weekend and recover from the hubbub. Though I drew some and covered my notebook with washi tape, I didn’t get back into the studio until last night. It was great to chill out some, but I was very glad to be back in my sanctuary.


The beginnings of this art journal entry were posted last week. Initially, I thought I might fill the whole page with mandalas, but it was calling out for more color and I really missed paint! It felt like it really came alive for me once I added the alcohol ink and acrylic paint. The question, of course, is one always worth asking. Songs and a quiet voice answered me when I took a few moments to be still and sit with it. Here is an in progress video of it:


My 3 year old daughter saw the Angel from last week’s art journal entry and said full of awe, “that looks like a princess in a purple dress. It looks like it’s for me!” When I asked her if she wanted me to paint her more princesses, she replied without a doubt, “yes!” Well, there’s no greater motivation than that for me to paint some princesses!! This in progress fairy princess will be one of her Christmas gifts from me. ->>


Hopefully, I will be able to complete one for each of the kids, as well as a few other hand made items that I have in mind for them. A couple are already started, so that gives me reason to believe that it will happen.

If you would like to give handmade gifts at great prices this holiday season, I have some beautiful and beneficial handmade jewelry in my Etsy shop! Use code 65OFF for 65% off already reduced prices! When I end the offer, I will announce some warning, but they’re already selling, so hop on over and pick some up before they’re gone!


Take Care Tuesday- Artist Dates and other Self-Care.



This week, I was able to get into the studio more than the previous week, which was a big boon for my well being. Also, some polymer clay molds arrived (those, you get to see later). After realizing that we had some reward points stacked up, I thought that I might as well treat myself to some fun things. Though I resisted at first, thinking that they weren’t “serious enough”, I realized that that’s exactly the kind of language that an overactive Inner Parent uses, and took it as a chance to nurture my inner child.

Friday, I walked to get a chair massage and then over to the Dollar General to look at the craft and office supplies- something that is always fun. While I was there, I also looked at the toys, just to enjoy them. Since we have already celebrated Thanksgiving once, it felt like an Ok time to pick up some stocking stuffers/pre-Xmas crafts for the kids and myself.

Also, some sparkly, shiny duct tape made it home with me and I covered my 3 ring binder with it. It’s my attempt at being more organized, and it does help. Right now, the only things in there are a pencil pouch (holding heart sticky notes -another take care purchase, a sticky list pad, a small notebook [holding everything from “random thoughts” to lists to creative ideas…], a dry erase marker, and a pen) and some page protectors (holding nothing, but maybe someday a master cleaning and master grocery list. The dry erase marker is to mark off what has been cleaned/groceries we don’t need to buy). It’s a start.

Sunday, I further cleaned my dance/yoga floor in the studio and now it’s about 99% clear. Then, I did yoga _alone_, without anyone climbing on me or asking to nurse. Later, the littlest fell asleep on Daddy for nap and her sister beside him on the couch! This seemed to be a miracle! At first, I started to panic and thought about getting him to hand the baby over to me. Instead, I finished my food, which I didn’t have to share with anyone, and then drew mandalas for at least an hour! “The Diary of Preston Plummer” accompanied me as I drew, and I finished it after the baby woke and needed nursed back to sleep. Having streaming video on my phone and a headset is pretty awesome! So grateful for that! Then, we finished “The Life of Pi” during dinner and rewatched the new Cinderella. Normally, I am taking care of dinner/the kids while my husband cooks or other chores or heading up to the studio, so getting to relax and be cozy with my family was a very nice treat.

Reading “Miracle of the Artist’s Date” book by Julia Cameron confirms that I have been taking myself on artist’s dates for a long time, especially since Self Care like massage and pedicures are included. Some of my favorites of the ones that I want to try include writing a letter from my 9 year old self (or maybe it’s to my 9 year old self? Both ways sound good, actually) and making a list of my favorite things. A lot like the “My Favorite Things” song in “The Sound of Music” makes Maria feel better, it soothes us to think about what makes us happy. She mentions over and over that people are often more resistant to Artist’s Dates than Morning Pages (3 pages of long hand writing- whatever comes into your head in order to clear it) because they understand “working on your creativity” through a disciplined practice, but play seems unnecessary or frivolous. Really, I feel that as a Mother of 3 and an Artist putting herself out into the world, my workload is pretty full. Fortunately, I don’t feel stuck for ideas or anywhere near uninspired, so these Artist’s Dates have been doing their job. Certainly, Morning Pages would help me get some things straight, though. This is how I journal (stream of consciousness writing), but it tends to be more random in frequency. We will see if I “give in” to that part. 🙂

It has been very good to have these sort of kindnesses to myself be framed as so important, not just for flow of creativity, but for connecting with so many parts of myself and for recognizing how the ego mirrors an unbalanced demand for “productivity” and “getting things done” so common in our culture. Receptivity is just as important, and often more so. What are your thoughts on that?


img_4063 img_4060 qrhx1809  <– Progress video. I’m not sure why it doesn’t show a thumbnail on here.

Mermaid Monday – connecting to the element of water, creativity, emotions, intuition and psychic abilities, cleansing, and healing.

Maybe you have seen these pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. The process videos that I posted previously, I have edited together. The progress pictures are also there so you can get a better idea of how it went. At one point, when I was working on this, a car outside was playing a song that I didn’t recognize. The lyrics, loud and clear, said “only love, only love”. It was very synchronistic and I got the message.

Part of my motivation for sharing what I do is to uplift, inspire, and raise the vibration here on earth. Since I have so much love for making art, my hope is that you feel that in some way and recognize your own Inner Artist either awakening or sharing the happiness because you know it yourself.

The quote is an adaptation of things that Julia Cameron said in “The Artist’s Way”. I just wrote that and saw the time at 11:11- an Angel number that says to think positively, as an energy gate has opened and your thoughts are manifesting quickly. It speaks of being aligned with the Universe and often people make wishes at that time because it’s as if Source is taking requests. It is my wish that as many people as possible (all things are possible in the totality of possibilities) go out and create your own Soul-FULL, sacred acts.


Over the weekend, my art time consisted almost entirely of drawing mandalas. The background on the pink one was done some time ago. Often, I work on backgrounds as a group or if I don’t have a lot of time, by themselves (sometimes in stages), and then wait until inspiration tells me what to do next. This meditative process- drawing Mandalas- was just what I needed for centering my mind. The mandala represents the sacred circle of life, the micro and the macro, the small and big picture, the individual and the collective, consciousness, and is a wonderful healing tool. Carl Jung used them with his patients to uncover much needed information.

Expect to see a lot more with mandalas here. 🙂


img_8556 img_8557 img_8560

A visit to my parents’ farm is always an exciting adventure, especially if there are cousins to play with. Seeing the grandparents and animals add to the excitement, and with all that activity usually comes over-stimulation and over-tired-but-wired kiddos. In an attempt to help my son center and just to get some 1:1 time with him, I suggested a game of tick-tack-toe. The usual X’s and O’s sounded pretty boring, especially since he knows the game well enough that we tie most of the time. So, I asked him if he would rather draw shapes instead. First, I picked hearts and stars, and then we each chose a shape for ourselves. Water bottles, water bottle funnels (he’s into life hacks and just happened to have one he made), pens, toaster pastries, and lemon slices were Angelo’s choices. Mugs, flowers, mittens, butterflies, and leaves were mine. It really made it so much fun!

After the game, I thought it would be fun to do some back and forth mandala drawing. Once I drew a layer, then he did, and so on until something else called us away. He started to write his name around the last layer, which I love!

We were drawing on top of the kitchen table, a true farm table, so it was rough and our drawings were extra wiggly. Though I don’t ever put any pressure on them to “improve” my kids’ drawing, just let them express themselves, I also censored what I said about my own drawing… which was pretty much nothing out loud, but a lot of “oh, that’s really messy” inside (it’s ok, since a masterpiece wasn’t the point. Usually I followed that statement with “whatever”. 😉 ). Leading by example is usually how I “instruct” them when we do anything creative. While I may give simple, neutral instructions, I let them work it out and practice on their own so that they don’t feel criticized or limited.

How about you? Have you modified traditional games to shake things up a bit?

My copy of Collage Unleased- yours won’t have that sticky back mirror on it. Not sure when that adhered itself there, but I’ve had this book a long time. 😀

Women Wednesday- Women artists I find inspiring and women as the in subject in artwork.

Today, I am featuring Traci Bautista, author of “Collage Unleashed”, “Doodles Unleashed”, and “Printmaking Unleashed”, has 2 DVD’s, has been featured on TV, including HGTV, and is the artist behind Collage Pauge. Collage Unleashed is another one of the first books that I purchased when I first started exploring mixed media art. Her bold use of color and “try anything” style truly impacted my personal artwork and really did unleash my inner artist. She gives great techniques and inspiration for making your own artist’s papers and tools, which I’ve found quite liberating. Incorporating stitching into my artwork definitely stemmed from reading this book so early on.

She has offered several free video courses over the years, (join her newsletter to find out when the next one is) which I have taken, including a “Spread the Love” art journaling session last Friday. After what I was personally feeling post election and while I was packing, this was such a Soul nourishing thing to experience. Packing is a lot of work and stressful in that I don’t want to forget anything for me and my family, especially on the way to the farm. It’s a long way to drive for supplies if you realize that you are missing something once you are there. The timing for her teaching session couldn’t have been better for me. I had the screen open from the night before and literally opened my computer when it was counting down from 20 seconds to the start. Though I didn’t have set exactly in my mind what time it started or what time it actually was, it felt synchronistic that I opened it then and it was at a point where I could work at the kitchen island while it played. It was very much appreciated and I loved watching her work. No doubt that I will be incorporating some new techniques into my work from that live art journaling session!

Be sure to check out her website, YouTube videos, her Instagram, and all that she has to offer! Enjoy!